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Saturday, February 18.... our Smiley's debut!

Who doesn't love Smiley's? We had such a blast, we had to hang around Bolinas for the whole weekend, gettin' in some beach time!
Can't wait to come back on April 1 and hang out with y'all....

If you were at the show, scroll down and see if we got your photo!

Couldn't make it? Check our calendar for the next gig.

Larry Cragg on pedal steel...just one of the Bar Association's talented crew. (And no, it's not out of focus, it's ARTISTIC!) Catch Larry in the Neil Young concert film, "Heart of Gold."

Our faithful associates Mel and Kelly, brandishing the infamous "Doggie Dollars" from Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Greg & Sally Peacock...

Pete & Dana (Pete was on hand 'cause with the Bar Association playing such smokin' hot tunes, something might catch on fire....)

More new friends...

Scott Randolph from the hickabilly band 6L6 and birthday boy Mike....

Jesse, holdin' court behind the plank... always remember to tip your bartender!

When was the last time you saw a dancing Peacock?

Everybody's goin' out and havin' fun....

Famous '60s rock drummer Bill Bowen cast aside his tie-dye for a new look to play with the Bar Association. Bassist Tumbleweed Tim Bush is SO proud of him!

In Bolinas, it's pretty much Mardi Gras ALL the time!


Rowan and the King of Mardi Gras (not the first time the Bar Association has had a brush with royalty)!


They're probably talking about how GREAT the Bar Association sounds...

Even Riley the dog made a new friend...

LOVED IT!!! Can't wait until we're back. Thanks, Don! See you all April 1 (and that's NO April Fool's joke!)

--Danny, Larry, Dana, Phil, Tim, and Bill.




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