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Danny Montana &

Saturday, November 19, at the Old Western....

The Old Western is one of our favorite joints. This was an historic show, because we got to
introduce the world to 6L6, a rockin' new hickabilly band; these guys are fun...they've got great material,
and the best lap steel stand ever (see the pix below!).

This was the third gig in three weeks for the Bar Association, and they were crankin'!

Were you at the show? You might see yourself...scroll on down!


The debut performance of 6L6! (L to R: Scott Randolph, Beau Faw, Jake "6L6" Faw,
and Chris P.). These guys are a blast...keep an eye out for 'em!

Scott Randolph's hi-tech lap steel stand...

It's a group effort! Mel helped at the door...

...and these guys helped by having fun!

Julie & friend...

Joe and Beth, goofin' as usual...

Just gotta dance!!!


Dana Olsen & Danny Montana were fired up
after listening to 6L6

Chris P.'s mom & dad came for 6L6 and
stayed to hear the Bar Association.

Dance, dance, dance....

More fun fans...

These folks kept us entertained while we
worked the door.

Linda & Chris came all the way from Pacifica;
we discussed our shared fondness for the
Linda Mar Beach Taco Bell...


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