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Wednesday, March 8...The Sweetwater Saloon

Ahh, the Sweetwater! Arguably Marin's most historic music's a privilege to play there...and we had a blast! There were quite a few members of the local music scene in the crowd, which is always great. Special thanks to sound man Allen Lam for a fantastic job!

If you were at the show, scroll down and see if we got your photo!

Couldn't make it? Check our calendar for the next gig.

The band was on fire that night...people couldn't stay in their seats!

It was the first time Leonard Gardner, longtime friend of Danny Montana and author of the novel Fat City , had made it to a show...he picked a good 'un!

The legendary Charlie Deal...creator of the toilet seat guitar.

Steve Bajor....

Doug and Lizzy Acton...

ALWAYS tip your bartender! The Sweetwater staff was great...

Another new friend...

These guys were fun...hope to see 'em again!

Our trusty associate Mel and Jelly bass player Alden Feldon.

Photographer Rana Halprin.


Tasmanian Devil great Duane Van Demon, former Flying Circus drummer Steve Bonuccelli, and pal...

Some new friends...

Michael Elvin Hunt, Wendy Fitz and Vicki...

Even though it was a rainy Wednesday, the boys packed 'em in!

Tom Joyce and friend Cathy...

Father-daughter team John Eagan and Melinda

It's great to see new faces!

Daniel and Erma from the fabulous Larkspur Cafe Theater droppped by.

Christine Cragg and David Westerbeke

And of course, the Sweetwater's super doorman!

John Cross (center) is another local musician and long-time friend of the band.


Bill Bowen's fan club!

It was a great night...hopefully the first of many Sweetwater shows!

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