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Friday, January 27 at Peri's ....

Ahhh, Peri's! It feels like home....home when you're having a great party, that is!
Once again, the great Dogtown Ramblers opened the show, then Danny Uzilevsky filled in for us on lead guitar and burned up the stage. If you were there, scroll down and see if we got your photo!

Couldn't make it? Check our calendar for the next gig.

Phil Richardson, Danny Uzilevsky and Danny Montana...

Dang, we've got some snazzy fans! Check out the oh so cool vintage threads....

...and the great hairdo!

We were really happy to see Raoul again, with his lovely companion.

Dogtown Rambler Chris Goddard and Christine Cragg.

Masters of the Taps: Brian and Mike...Don't forget to tip your bartenders!

Off-duty bartenders have more fun! Peri's 'tender Yotam and his biggest fan Lil' Denny.

Our pals D'Lee and's always fun to see you guys!

Matt and Linda...
we hope you come again soon!

Go, Denny, go!

Danny Montana

Rusty Evans takes a break from Ring of Fire to watch his kid play a little guitar.

Joyce Lashbrook and friend fire up the dance floor...need anything for your horse? Go see Joyce at Marin Tack & Feed.

Hi Andrew!



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