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Danny Montana &

Wednesday, December 21 at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery....

What fun! The Bar Association enjoyed a great meal and some excellent beer before hitting
the stage to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the release of their Solstice barley wine...thanks to
Mike and Anne Altman of Iron Springs for a great night!

Were you there? Scroll down and see if we got a photo!

Danny Montana, Tim Bush and Larry Cragg, laughing it up and rockin' the house...

One of the nice things about Iron Springs is that it's a family joint...and it was family night!
Here's fiddle player Phil Richardson's family and friend Sam, just before the show...

Christine Cragg's family

Tim Bush teaches the patented "Tim Bush Stare" to the next generation: Daniella "Montana" Morrison and Alden Richardson...

Rowan Merante, Pat Gallagher, Rowan's daughter Clare Gallagher and Judy Dugan

Band manager Cyndi Cady and her "little" brother Chip...all the way from Milwaukee!

Lene and Kevin

Mel & Bob

Douglas, Donna and friends.

Dana's diggin' the sounds...AND the French onion soup!

Some new friends....

Phil's son Alden demonstrates that talent runs deep in the Richardson family...

Jon Mitguard and MaryAnn Nardo (Jon's a great pedal steel player and an official Associate)

Taylor Mays, Katie Bowen and Jim "Boom Boom" Hite

Melanie and Lucas brought Danny Montana's
son Sean along to see the show....

...and Danny's daughter Daniella was the
most successful tip jar girl of all time!

Frankie and Maria.

Bruuuuuuuce! We've been having lots of fun
with new pal and brilliant photographer
Bruce Paquette.

Anita, Gigi, Roy and Chip

The dance floor was hoppin'...

... more new friends!

Joe Breeze and family take a break from
mountain biking...

Barb and Jules were swingin'!

What a great night! Thanks to everyone who
helped pack the place...hope you all have a great
holiday season, and we'll see you in the New Year!


Danny Montana & the Bar Association

-- Danny, Larry, Phil, Dana, Tim, Bill and Cyndi

...and of course, some of our faithful Associates! (Mel, Barb, Kelly, Frank and Cindy Lou)

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