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Friday, November 11 , 2005, at Peri's....

We love Peri''s like playing in our living room....What a great night. We got to promote our favorite brewery, Lagunitas Brewing Company, and our opening band, the Dogtown Ramblers, are wicked cool!

Keep scrolling to see more might see yourself, or a friend!


The soon-to-be-world-famous DOGTOWN RAMBLERS (L to R: Chris Goddard, Brian Craft, Tony Magee); these guys are great players, they're lots of fun onstage, and they dig up some truly obscure material...

Pascale Soumoy and friend...

Some of our newest fans!

Courtney and Reiko

Frank and Petra

More new fans...Steven and Amy

Donna had a great time!

Guy Meyer shooting video of The Bar Association for his Bandlands web site.


Associates Dan McLaughlin and Chris P.

The fabulous Dori Green stopped by....

...and couldn't stay off the dance floor!

Danny Montana is one of Dori's biggest fans.

Phil Richardson playin' a hot fiddle lick...

And of course, the lovely & talented Tim Bush...



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