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Sunday, June 4...Western Weekend in Point Reyes Station

It don't get no bettern' this...the parade, the BBQ at Toby's Feed Barn, the Cow Flop Plop, and music, music music! Western Weekend in Point Reyes is all about fun. The boys had a great time...thanks to the Hippie From Olema (Jerry Lundsford) for hooking us up!

Scroll down and check out the photos!

Missed the fun? Check our calendar for the next gig.

The guys loved playing at the barbecue at Toby's...'s not just for cows anymore. Daniella's the BEST tip jar girl EVER!

After the Toby's show, our drummer Beau Faw ran across the street to The Old Western to hit the stage with 6L6...

...with his faithful dog Knucklehead.

The Bar Association shows are ALL about romance! ...

...and about livin' in the COUNTRY...Hey, how often can you use peat moss to make a stage???

Thanks again to Jerry Lunsford and the other folks who helped put the day together. It was a blast!



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