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Saturday, June 3...Marin Tack & Feed's 25th anniversary

For the last quarter-century, Marin Tack has been the place to stock up on horse gear and catch up on the latest barn chat. Joyce and Jessica Lashbrook invited the boys to help them celebrate...and it was some fun! Scroll down and check out the photos!

Missed the fun? Check our calendar for the next gig.

The Marin Tack gals know how to have fun! Dana Olsen, Joyce Lashbrook and Danny Montana (Beau Faw in the background) get ready to kick off the day.


Jessica and buddies...

Joyce and Jessica give their anniversary speech

Danny Montana hangin' with Mystic the miniature horse


Jessica and Joyce on stage with Danny

Jessica and pal

Hey, you CAN'T have a party without CAKE!!!


When the boys started playing, the neighbors started dropping in...they thought the Fairfax Festival had started a week early!

The whole gang....

OK, now that's just SILLY!...
Thanks, Joyce & Jessica, for a great time... and here's to the next 25 years!

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