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Danny Montana &

Wednesday, April 12, Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

Hmmm....where can the guys play in Fairfax where they're guaranteed great food, delicious beer, and an excellent time??? IRON SPRINGS! Always a blast...thanks again to Mike and Anne Altman of Iron Springs for another great night!

Were you there? Scroll down and see if we got a photo!

Missed the fun? Check our calendar for the next gig.

A lot of the fun at Iron Springs is provided by their rockin' crew...


...and their masters of the tap!

Lou Turi and pals....

Bar Association faithful Mel and local celebrity and rockabilly hall of famer Rusty Evans.

Mmmm...that cowboy music is romantic stuff!

An evening with Danny Montana & the Bar Association makes for a great date night!

Thanks once again to Michael and Anne and the whole Iron Springs gang for a terrific evening...


Beer, wine and country don't get no bettern' this...

You just gotta love a guy who wears a propeller hat....

These serious music fans love the Bar Association!

Girls just wanna have fun...and hangin' with DM & tBA is just the way to do it!


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